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Excuse me. Are you a troubadour or a dirtbag.....?

Rooster Crow was on the road in sorts this past week. Alex and I were blazing trail in SW Colorado, the 4 corners, where mountains once met ocean. We carved our way through the sand, lime and granite stone to embark on a spontaneous adventure. I had just gotten off a NOLS training in the Wind River Range in Wyoming, and Alex just finishing his first “swamp” trip on the San Juan River with Deer Hill Expeditions in Mancos Colorado. So it goes, with 17 days of freedom, I picked him up at Deer Hill in sleepy Mancos Colorado.  We headed straight for the Columbine Bar to engage in conversation with Cowboy Art, and remember the time we bar hopped on his horse and buck board. Then to the Zuma store for iced coffee and reunion with our old friend Suzzane.  We laughed and rambled on about  local Mancos corruption gossip, watched Larry ride by on his cow, and told tales of love and heartbreak, and last summers rodeo.  Jacked on coffee and the taste of the hot mountain air; it was off to Durango to climb things. 

Alex and I discovered some gems. Climbing areas like Cascade Canyon and Lemon Damn, steep lime and granite that tower above raging mountain creeks. We caught some live music at the Balcony Bar, got bent at the Sailing Hawks bouldering area, bailed on some chausy sandstone trad route, jumped on an oldschool crow killer (5.11+, aid climbed a few bolts, 2 descent whippers), while of course cooking amazing dirtbag specials on the tailgate of the Red Buffalo. At night we sought our dive bars, hot pools of water (namely in Rico), and poachable campsites where we could assemble our chairs and play guitars.

The familiar tunes of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, and Steve Earle enlaced our soundscapes. We played some Alex originals like Patosi Montana, and Life is what you Mancos, and some new Rcrow tunes like The Texian and Bajo Tigre Rendezvous. Life is what you Mancos is a little diddy about the oddities, and misadventure in the petite cowboy town of Mancos. The story introduces the tall talers of the town like Cowboy Art, Macos Maddy, and speaks to the mystical unknowns of the ancient ones up Weber Canyon. The Texian is a rock ballad dedicated to Adron Neil, friend of my fathers from high school, who commissioned me to write a tune about his great, great, great grandfather, JC Niel.  JC was an artillery general at the Alamo. When his wife fell ill he saddled up and rode away, as/and the Alamo burned in his absence.

We spent a week up in Telluride working for the Bluegrass Fest. The fest was progression of heavy hitting performers, and liquid elixers in the high altitude sun. John Prine's “in Spite of Ourselves” Gillian Welch singing her classic folk hit's "Back in Time", and "Miss Ohio", and of course the great Ryan Adams performing cult classics backed up by the Infamous String Dusters and Nikki Blumhe. "Sweet Carolina", "Pearls on a String", "Come Pick Me Up", and "Jacksonville Skyline". No T-swift, just the boomers. Our Rcrow friend Nora, from Oly, joined us for some late night mischief and heat of the day busking. The show is over and it's time for work.

I gotta make money so it's off to the desert with 10 teenagers. Holy shit it's hot. Record temperatures in the hundreds in Moab and my program is intent on 6 days in Gravel Canyon in southern Utah.  This means early ass mornings, and naps in the canyon shade.... big-time.....

Rooster Crow will be getting back together for a CD release tour in late October. Heading to San Francisco to see the Slow Motion Cowboys and friends. Looking for loud house shows or acoustic backyard sessions if you are interested in hostingd.

Cheers All


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